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Reinvest24 Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions

Please read these Terms carefully before you use our Affiliate Program. By using our Referral Program, you confirm that you accept the terms and that you agree to comply with them. If you do not agree to the Terms, you must not use our Affiliate Program.

    1. Through the Reinvest24 Affiliate Program you can invite people and friends to sign up for a Reinvest24 account by sending them an invitation. You will be provided with a unique link that you may share with your friends.
    2. For each referral made, only one referral reward per person/entity applies. Multiple accounts relating to the same or a connected person, entity and/or (at our discretion) IP address may be treated as one; only the first account shall be eligible.
    3. The Affiliate may make the URL and Reinvest24 promotional materials publicly available to the third party in digital channels directly related to finance and real-estate sector. The Affiliate is prohibited from changing, modifying or altering the URL and Reinvest24 promotional materials.
    1. You are able to participate in the program if you are a registered user on the Reinvest24 platform and have successfully passed the KYC process (identity verification).
    2. You understand we will inform your friend that you are a client of Reinvest24 and that we are paying out rewards for you as a result of the invitation. We will not reveal any other information about you or your account(s). All existing terms of our Privacy Policy and our privacy obligations to you shall apply.
    3. Reinvest24 reserves the right to disqualify any participates or referred persons at any time from participation in the Program if such participant does not comply with any of these terms and conditions.
    1. Subject to your compliance with the terms, Reinvest24 shall pay you a reward fee to your Reinvest24 account on the platform (“Reward”) which will be 1% (one percent) from any sum that the persons, referred by you, have deposited on their Reinvest24 account and then successfully invested through primary market of the Reinvest24 platform within 365 days from the date of the person’s registration on the platform.
    2. Reinvest24 can change the Reward at any time. The amount of the Reward you will be entitled to, will be the amount that applies at the time you meet all requirements of the Affiliate Program.
    3. Each qualified person you invite shall only make transfers from a credit card, debit card or bank account which is in their name.
    4. Reward may be subject to verification by Reinvest24 at its sole discretion. Reinvest24 may withhold a payment of reward for investigation if it deems fraudulent, suspicious or in violation of these terms and conditions.
    1. Rewards will be credited either to your Reinvest24 account within 10 business days after the calculation day, if all the conditions for the rewards as stipulated in the terms have been fulfilled.
    2. You can use the credited rewards to invest in any opportunities on the platform or withdraw to your bank account.
    3. You will be responsible for any tax reporting and/or payment obligations applicable in respect to reward(s) received under this program.
    1. The Affiliate is prohibited from using the URL and Reinvest24 promotional materials in any way that differs from Reinvest24 values and fair commercial practice. If the Affiliate has any doubts whether its activities comply with the present terms and conditions of the Affiliate Program, the Affiliate shall contact Reinvest24 via email
    2. Reinvest24 accepts no liability for any use of the Affiliate Program which does not comply with these Terms and Conditions.
    1. The value of your investment can go down as well as up. Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future performance. Gross rent, dividends and capital growth may be lower than estimated. You can exit your investments on the platform subject to price & demand. Reinvest24 does not provide tax or investment advice and any general information is provided to help you make your own informed decisions. Customers are advised to obtain appropriate tax or investment advice where necessary.