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Investment Platform

Total combined return:
Yield + Capital Growth
*The average annualised return indicator includes all exited projects. Combination of
Rental income + Increase of the value of the property. Past performance is not
a reliable indicator of the future performance.

70+ Projects

financed by our investors

5 markets

available for your investments

10000+ investors

currently using the platform

Why Reinvest24?

Real-Estate always was and will be a valuable asset, that is why property investments are considered to be one of the most secure investments. Real-Estate investments have high requirements for legal paperwork and steep entrance fees, but we are changing this. Reinvest24 helps you to multiply your investments and grow your portfolio.

Secure Investment

The investment is secured by mortgage held by Collateral Agent in favor of the investors. This makes the process secure and reduces investor’s risks.

Transparent Platform

Our platform is transparent and secure. Find all necessary information about the properties and contact our support team if you need any additional information.

Cash out any time

You can sell your claim units any time on the marketplace and money with earned dividends will be paid to your account.


Reinvest profit in new projects, diversify your portfolio and let your capital work for you.

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How It Works?

Below you will find four easy steps explaining how to build your portfolio. Invest from any part of the world through our simple and secure online platform.

Invest into property

Select the properties you like or trust the most and buy claim units in it.

Earn from rent and capital gain

You don’t have to do anything, your money and properties are working for you now.

Sell and cash out

Once you’ve decided to take money, we will transfer received money to your bank account.

Jelena Lavrenova

Jelena Lavrenova

Insurance broker, Tallinn, Estonia

«There are numerous investment platforms available on the market offering higher than average returns on you investments, but Reinvest24 offers an absolutely new revenue model due to rental fee income and property price growth together. There is no limited time for investment, so you can sell your claim units anytime. I invested into Reinvest24 and hope this company will grow their portfolio very fast into other markets.»
Andrey Stoyanov

Andrey Stoyanov

Theatre and movie actor, Moscow, Russia

«In Real-Estate, just as in the Actor's profession, it's important to make the right choice, which will lead you to success and bring dividends from all your efforts. My previous experience of successful investments was mostly dependant on advice from professionals and getting the details right, which helped to find profitable objects. Reinvest24 Team provides the solid basis and thorough analysis for investors, which is necessary for making a successful investment. The process of investing into Real-Estate was never so easy and fast!»
Pedro A. Pena

Pedro A. Peña

Property owner, Mallorca, Spain

«I have met with the Reinvest24 team at MIPIM18 conference in Cannes and invested into the first projects. I like their idea of making investments into property easy, compared to regular investment tools available on the market. Small entry barriers and transparent workflow.»