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Why Reinvest24?

Thanks to crowdfunding mechanism, Reinvest24 allows you to buy shares of residential or commercial Real-Estate collectively with other investors starting from 100 EUR in any part of the world and earn profit from rent and capital growth combined, without limits on investment period. Our team does market research, paperwork, property management and you get fully secured investment with better profit rate than depositing savings on Fixed Deposit Accounts or working with Open Real-Estate Funds.

How It works?

Analytics of Reinvest24 complete analysis of every offered property before funding goes live on our platform in terms of Security, Profitability, Future Potential and Liquidity. This team consists of Real-Estate experts with investment, development and property management backgrounds.

  • We do full due diligence on the property, valuations, plans, estimates and close any necessary legal agreements.
  • You make a deposit on Reinvest24 platform and have the possibility to invest into all properties in different countries, creating a diversified portfolio of investment.
  • When you invest in the property, you become the owner of the property shares. The investment is secured by mortgage on the property held by the Collateral in favor of all investors. That makes the process more secure and reduces your risks.
  • Once the property funding stage is over, SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) management company is established and the legal contract is automatically generated for your investment. Now you become the beneficiary of any rental revenue and price growth generated by the property.
  • SPV manages the property, deals with tenants, operations and other day-to-day activities.
  • You get the dividends from rent every month, we distribute all profits among the investors of this property.
  • We do not set limits on investment period. You can exit the project any time by selling your shares.
  • It's up to you whether you want to cash out or Reinvest your profits and build a truly multimarket portfolio.

Investor case:

(Below we describe a sample investment case and describe the potential earnings from the investment)

You invest in a Reinvest24 property 10.000 EUR with 8,8% Net Yield. Share price is 0,1 EUR and monthly profit distribution.

  • Investment: 10.000 EUR
  • Net Rental income: 880 EUR per year
  • Property Growth for 2 years: 1025 EUR
  • Reinvest24 Commission: 200 EUR
  • Total NET Earnings: 2585 EUR / 24 months
  • IRR: 13,9 %