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Frequently Asked Questions

If you didn't find the answer in the FAQs, please feel free to send an email to We'll answer to you as quickly as possible.
Platform allows you to invest into properties in smaller amounts than it would be required, if you would be a sole investor and start benefitting from your investments almost immediately. You also have a better opportunity to diversify your investments between different properties and keep your investments safe.
We run every property through a rigorous list of criterias and filters and select the best ones. A risk profile for every potential property includes:
  • Liquidity Index of the property - how easy is it to sell this property, should it be necessary or profitable
  • Vacancy Index - how easy is it to find a tenant
  • Price Growth Expectation - the estimated price growth of a property of this type in this area.
There are 2 ways your investment is working for you and both are happening at the same time:
  1. You get an instant income from the cash flow the property is generating, which is being regularly transferred to your account.
  2. You benefit from the increase of the value of the property. You get this money right after you sell your claim units.
Reinvest24 gives you the opportunity to diversify your investments in residential and commercial properties in multiple countries.
Reinvest24 platform allows everybody to invest, who is older than 18 years old whose active legal capacity is not restricted. In order to proceed to investment stage, you need to verify yourself.
Profile verification is needed for ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) purposes and to start making investments on the platform. Once your profile has been verified, you can transfer funds to your account and start investing.
Once the Reinvest24 Team has verified your profile, we will send you a notification email regarding successful verification. You can also see it on the website under the ‘Profile’ page.
Before you can transfer funds to your account, you have to verify your profile. After that, you can make a deposit via any payment available on deposit page.
You have to make a pay-out request under your profile section. Since the safety of the investments is our priority, we complete a security check with every pay-out. After the security check, we send your funds to your bank account.
Our goal was to make investing as easy for you as possible. First, you have to deposit funds on your account and then select a property and buy claim units.
Example: Property A has the following claim unit price - 1.0 EUR = 1 claim unit. If you would like to invest 100 EUR, you can purchase 100 claim units.
The minimum investment amount set in Reinvest24 equals to 100 EUR. There is no maximum investment amount to investor.
Before making an investment, you need to deposit funds to your wallet on the Reinvest24 platform. When it is done, you can choose a property to invest in. The amount invested will be reserved at first and when the total investment amount is reached during the funding period, your investment will be transferred to the SPVs bank account by Reinvest24. In ‘My Wallet’ you can see the amount that has been reserved. When the target sum is funded, the reserved funds will be moved under funds invested.
The duration of each funding period is set within the investment opportunity and differs in every case. If the total investment amount is not reached, the investment opportunity will be removed from Reinvest24 platform.
If the investment amount is not reached, the funds reserved by the platform will be released and you can use it to invest in other properties.
You don’t have to do anything in order to earn dividends. It happens automatically based on agreements with tenants of the property. You are able to watch all earnings from your properties under your profile. After purchasing claim units, we take care of property management and share all history of expenses with the investors.
You will start receiving rental income after the first month once the property is purchased.
Yield shown is estimated based on real contracts. This means that most of the time it should be as indicated or better. ReInvest24 team pays special attention to secure that level of income from the property. The expected returns from your real-estate investments vary depending on the property type, country the property is located and real-estate market situation.
When you make an investment, your income will be calculated by dividing the investment amount with total investment amount. Both monthly rental income and capital gain will be divided according to the claim units you own in the property investment. Rental income will be distributed every month, whereas, capital gain will be distributed at the end of the investment term or when you exit the investment via secondary marketplace.
Yes. If you want to sell your claim unit within the investment period, you need to do it on the secondary marketplace (you will be able to do so on the upcoming secondary market). As soon as other investors purchase them, your claim units are sold and you receive your money immediately.
You sell your claim units under Investment section next to your profile (you will be able to do so on the upcoming secondary market). You can sell claim units any time and exit investment.

Gross Yield is - estimated annualized percentage your money can earn on annual basis NOT INCLUDING property value increase. It’s calculated based on concluded or upcoming rental contracts.

Net Yield is - estimated net percentage your money can earn on annual basis. In other words: Income that property generates minus all relative expenses and amortisation.

2 companies are involved in the legal structure - Reinvest24 OÜ, where all users hold funds and choose investments, and Property purchase companies - Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV), to whom the investors give loans for the purpose of the SPV acquiring a property. Property claim units will be divided between the investors according to their amount of investment provided.
A special purpose vehicle (SPV) is a subsidiary company which owns the property titles, and whose responsibilities include the maintenance of the properties and managing tenants.
The reason why Reinvest24 is using SPV company for its deal structure:
  • management of the property expenses
  • keep each investment separate
  • minimize the risks
  • transparency
All properties are kept separately under different SPV companies and if something happens with Reinvest24, theproperties and the investments of our users will not be affected.
SPV will be incorporated in the same country as the purchased property is located. There can be cases when the SPV is incorporated in some other jurisdictions.
SPV will be incorporated by Reinvest24 parent company - Reinvest Holding OÜ when total investment amount is reached.
Reinvest24 will take care of management of the SPV during the investment term.
All our properties are insured.
ReInvest24 takes 1% from the investment amount to cover property acquisition expenses. ReInvest24 also charges up to 10% from rental revenue generated by the properties to cover various property management related expenses.
Reinvest24 Holding is incorporated under the jurisdiction of the Estonian Republic. SPV companies are established in the countries, where the property is located. We are following all the laws and regulations, which are applicable to the activity of Reinvest24 in different countries.
You must pay taxes according to the legal regulations of your country of residence. Please contact your tax department for detailed information.
All investments are subject to risks and real-estate is not an exception. We recommend you diversify your Reinvest24 investment portfolio across multiple properties, countries and property types to protect you from market fluctuations and other issues, which could appear during the long term investment horizon, as property prices and rental fees depend on various economic situations.