Frequently Asked Questions

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Platform allows you to invest into property objects in smaller amounts than it would be required if you would be a sole investor and start benefiting from your investments. You have also a better opportunity to diversify your investments between different properties and keep your investments safe.
Our goal was to make investing as easy for you as possible. First you have to deposit money on your account and then select property and buy shares. Minimum amount of investment is 100 EUR. Share convert rate can be found on property page.
Example: Property A has following exchange rate - 0.1 EUR = 1 share. If you would like to invest 100 EUR, need to purchase 1000 shares. 
You don’t have to do anything in order to earn dividends. It happens automatically based on agreements with tenants of the property. You are able to watch all earnings from your properties under your profile. After purchasing shares, we take care of property service and share all history of expenses in our platform.
Yield shown is estimated based on real contracts. This means that most of the time it should be as indicated or better. ReInvest24 team pays special attention to secure level of the income from the property.
There are 2 ways you investment is working for you and both of them are happening at the same time.
  1. You get an instant income from the cashflow property is generating, which is being regularly transferred to your account.
  2. You benefit from the increase of the value of the property. You get this money right after you sell your shares.
You sell your shares under Investment section next to your profile. You can sell shares any time and exit investment.
You have to make a pay-out request under your profile section. Since investments safety is our priority, we do security check with every pay-out. After security check we send money to your bank account.
You have to pay taxes according to your country legal regulations. Please contact your tax department for detailed information.

Gross Yield is - estimated annualized percentage your money is able to earn on annual basis NOT INCLUDING property value increase. It’s calculated on actually concluded agreements.

Net Yield is estimated net percentage your money is earning on annual basis. In other words: Income that property generates minus all relative expenses and amortisation.

ReInvest24 is taking 2% for concluding buy and sell transactions to cover related expenses. ReInvest24 is also using c.a. 10% from generated by property income to cover property related expenses.
We run every property through multiple criterias and filters and select the best ones. A risk profile for every potential property includes:
  • Liquidity Index of the property - how easy is it to sell this property, should it be necessary.
  • Vacancy Index - how easy is to find a tenant
  • Price Growth Expectation - what is the estimated growth of real estate of this type in this area