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Intramix business loan

flagVõidu 19, Rakvere, EstoniaReal-estate backed loansBusinessDefault (Legal Recovery)
Internal Rate of Return0.00%
Total exited price€0

Object overview

  • Category - Business Loan
  • Payment frequency - Monthly interest payments
  • Collateral - Company vehicle and assets + personal guarantee
  • Country: Estonia

NOTE: Minimum investment amount has been decreased to 50 EUR for this project.

The borrower is Estonian company Intramix OÜ, the main activity is business consultations in the transportation sector. The company is also operating rental real estate in the residential and commercial sector, for example apartment buildings, garages, car workshops and car wash stations. The company is in progress of expanding their real estate operations, which will likely become the main activity in the near future.

Their business concept is quite unique, they rent an old apartment building or commercial property from its owner with a long rental contract, conduct the necessary works with the property and rent the premises out to a subtenants or operators with a margin. The company needs short-term financing for this type of rental real estate operations.

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