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L’Eliana residential development

Internal Rate of Return0.00%
Total exited price€0
Completed stages

Object overview

Fresh valuation from 2023 January: 3 191 347 EUR

  • Category - Development project
  • Bonus interest - 1% (over 10 000), 2% (over 30 000) claim units
  • Collateral -  Secured with mortgage
  • Payment frequency - Monthly interest payments
  • Country -  Spain

The area
L´Eliana municipality is a highly valued suburban area in the Valencia Community, just 15 km from Valencia city center. Great connection with Valencia through highway CV-35, allows the residents of L´Eliana to reach Valencia with just a 10-15min drive. Also, the area has great connection with Valencia through public transportation, it takes ~40min to reach Valencia by bus or train. The area offers everything needed for comfortable living, shopping and leisure centers, 3 schools, 5 health centers and a huge green area for hiking and other outdoor activities.

It is a perfect location for a dream family house. The location offers a good balance between being in the city and having your own house and privacy with reasonable prices. Good neighborhood and active growth makes this area attractive for development and for living.

The property
The land plot address is AR Sector Suzr-1 21, with a cadastral number 3108005YJ1830N0001WS. The total area of the land plot is 11 413 sqm, where it is possible to build 57 terraced houses. All houses will have 3-4 bedrooms and include a private yard and parking area. The public area will include an outdoor pool and gym, second pool for kids, kids playground and a green garden with benches. This huge development project will be fully built in 3 separate stages, the first stage will include 18 terraced houses and the necessary infrastructure for them.

Every building will have the certificate of efficiency and sustainability. This prestigious sustainability evaluation method provides a series of tools and procedures aimed at measuring, analyzing and weighing the levels of sustainability in the design, execution and maintenance of new constructions. The certificate applies to both the design and construction phases and covers ten categories: Management, Health and Wellbeing, Energy, Transport, Water, Materials, Waste, Ecological Land Use, Pollution and Innovation.

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