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Bubueci green energy project

flagBubuieci, MoldovaReal-estate backed loansGreen energyDefault (Legal Recovery)
Internal Rate of Return0.00%
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Object overview

  • Category - Green energy project
  • Annual interest - 14% (+1% over 2 000 claim units)
  • Payment frequency - Monthly interest payments
  • Collateral - Land plot with solar panel operations
  • Duration - 10 months
  • Country – Moldova
  • CO2 reduction - 96% smaller comparing to coal or gas energy production

New type of project - green energy, a solar panel park in Chisinau suburb Bubueci. The project will be implemented by our Balkan branch.

Why we are stepping in green energy?
Due to the geopolitical situation in Europe, the outlooks for sufficient energy supplies from traditional resources are extremely weak. The whole of Europe has been moving towards green energy resources. It is now more important than ever and like any crisis, it also brings many opportunities. Energy costs will increase everywhere in Europe, for example in Moldova the electricity tariffs will be increased up to 100% by the end of the year. Unlike EU markets, Moldova does not have yet an open market for electricity, the government company has the monopoly and regulates the energy market.

Moldova has approved alternative power supply systems to be located on agricultural land without the need to go through long and expensive legal processes. The benefits of the changes are to cover the shortage of electricity generated by local sources. It is a big move towards a sustainable future that also brings business and investment opportunities, where we see a huge potential and we will be a part of it.

Project overviewThe plan is to build a solar panel park on agricultural land in Bubueci, a suburb of Chisinau, with a total size of 1 hectare. The land plot is located next to the electricity network, making it very easy and cost efficient to connect and sell electricity to the utility network. 

There will be 2000 Heterojunction photovoltaic solar panels installed, that will generate 1020 Kwh. The power of the park will be 1 Mw, which will provide healthy long-term cash flow. The solar panels will be ordered directly from the factory. The panels will have a 15 years warranty, with 30 years linear performance warranty. The allowed degradation rate in this period will be 8%. The pre-agreement has been made for this order and the whole process together with installation of the panels will take 4 months.

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