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Luxury office in Tallinn

Internal Rate of Return18.76%
Total exited price€270,000

Object overview

[13 payouts from rental yield]


Kreutzwaldi 3-27 is 87,1 m2, 2 bedrooms property on the second floor rented as office space with the valid rental contract.

The luxury design of Kreutzwaldi building is unique and attractive for this area. It is well noticeable modern style building made of glass and polished stone. The building has expensive decorations inside and well-presented both from inside and outside. The House is new and was built in 2014. First floors are rented out to a commercial area to eye clinics, dentists, and notary agencies. Other rooms are rented as residential flats.

The property is located in a modern residential building in Tallinn city center which combines everything a city dweller values in a residential property – functional and stylish apartment, beautiful view, high-quality building materials, innovational design.

Its location in the center of Estonia’s capital gives the tenants easy access to transportation and city infrastructure with strategical destinations, like the airport and seaport. Within 300 meters is situated the Tallinn University, Tallinn Music school within 100 meters and within 5 minutes walk are banks, shopping malls, restaurants, and schools. Within 10 minutes walk lies the Tallinn Old Town.

The property’s quality and superb location allow for it to be used as both residential and office space. Currently, it is rented out as an office space, allowing for higher rental yields annually.

Tallinn is the capital of Estonia with the population of 426 000 people. It is the biggest city of Estonia, main business, and logistics hub in the country. According to the latest report, which is published by The Financial Times, Tallinn is ranked 4th among the ten European mid-size cities that are most attractive for future inward investment. Urbanisation level is rising and during the last 7 years, Tallinn got more than 5% of population growth, which reflects on high demand for property in the capital region.

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