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Rental apartment on Oja street

flagOja 61-18, Tallinn, EstoniaRentalApartmentExited
Internal Rate of Return11.50%
Total exited price€124,150

Object overview

Income from the day of placing the investment, well secured rental contract and profitable exit by the end of 36-month period! 

  • Category: Rental apartment
  • Total yield: 11.5%
  • Rental yield: 8%
  • Capital Growth: 3.5% (fixed exit price via buyback option)
  • Payment frequency: Monthly
  • Collateral: 1st rank mortgage and 5 000 EUR to secure the buyback option
  • Duration: 36 months 

The residential property for investing is a 3-room apartment, with a total area of 76,1 m2. The apartment is located in the western side of Tallinn, with an address Oja 61-18. The apartment building has 4 floors and was built in 2005. Our apartment is located on the 4th floor, on the left wing of the building, with most of the windows and balcony facing the backyard. The apartment is fully furnished and is in very good condition. The apartment will be rented out to the seller for the period of 3 years, until the seller will buy back the property with a decent capital growth.  

The uniqueness of Haabersti is reflected in its urban structure, most of the territory has a landscape typical of rural areas, covered with single-family houses. The area is valued for its greenery, security and proximity to the sea (900m), as well as its moderate distance from the center of Tallinn. The area's popularity has been boosted by evolving infrastructure, a number of new buildings have been completed, such as shopping malls in the vicinity of Rocca al Mare, and the Haabersti junction has been reconstructed. The Harku lake is located a few hundred meters from the property and the Tiskre stream flows by about 50m from the backyard. 

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