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High yielding office space in Rocca Al Mare

Internal Rate of Return0.00%
Total exited price€0

Object overview

New appraisal report from 2021. November - 700 000 EUR (initial acquisition 682 000 EUR)

Key facts:

  • 8 year notarized rental contract with established company (from 03.01.2020)
  • Investments start generating rental income from the day of placing the investment
  • High quality office space with a sea view


Given property is located in Rocca Al Mare, Tallinn and consists of specious office (263,8m2) on the 4th floor, server room, storage room in the underground parking, with the total indoor area of 309 m2. From the office space opens a great view to the sea, this view will remain unchanged over time, as the city does not allow to build more closer to the sea. The property comes with a 8 year notarized rental contract with an established Estonian company - Jazz.

Rocca Al Mare is highly valued area next to the sea, just 10 minute drive away from the city center of Tallinn. The area has been developing rapitly for the past 20 years, one of the biggest and oldest shopping center´s in Tallinn is located there, just 600m from our property. The Tallinn Zoo is located 300m away and from the area you can also find health trails, open-air museum, concert venues, ice rink, etc. provide opportunities for both relaxation and activity.

This luxurious new development was built in 2017. The location serves as a source of inspiration for the buildings design, which is named LAEV (ship). Not only in terms of concept and architectural exterior design, but also in the design of all interior solutions. The building´s maximum emphasis is placed on the sustainable use of energy. The heating is based on a geothermal source and free cooling also operates through 65 active piles on the ground. The facade is articulated with floating silver sunblades, which save up to 20% of energy used for cooling in summer.


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