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Receive 1% Cashback from the gross investment amount!

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Campaign terms and conditions

Reinvest24 will give Cashback to the account of every user who invests into primary market on the Reinvest24 platform in the total amount of at least 500 euros. To participate in the campaign, please read the terms and conditions.

Campaign is carried out by Reinvest24 OÜ.

The rules of execution of this campaign shall be stipulated by the terms and conditions set by the Operator. All decisions made by the Operator of this campaign shall be final and binding to participants of this campaign.

Campaign is valid from 08.02.2021 until 22.02.2021 (including) at GMT+2 timezone.

  • Within the terms of the campaign, the Operator will give Cashback to all users who make a total investment in the amount of at least 500 euros into projects on Primary Market on the Reinvest24 platform during the campaign period.
  • The investment amount will be calculated as follows: the sum of all net investments invested into any projects on Primary Market on the Reinvest24 platform. Funds simply deposited to the user’s Reinvest24 account and not invested into a any project do not qualify as an investment amount.
  • The following Cashback rates shall apply:
    • 500.00 - ... Eur investment = Cashback 1% from the gross investment amount
  • The Cashback amount will be paid out to all users until the end of the current month to the users’ Reinvest24 accounts.
  • Every user has the right to either withdraw their Cashback amount or reinvest it into any project as per the standard Terms and Conditions of the Reinvest24 platform.
  • The Operator of the campaign has the right to terminate the campaign in case of serious breach of campaign terms and conditions. The Operator also has the right to terminate the campaign due to force majeure.
  • Participating in this campaign shall be considered as agreement of processing of the users’ personal data within this campaign. The laws of the Estonian Republic shall apply to processing of personal data.
  • To all conditions not regulated in these terms, the laws of the Estonian Republic shall apply.
  • To receive additional information, please contact the Reinvest24 support via email support(at)
  • All complaints within this campaign have to be presented in writing to the Operator via email support(at) The Operator shall respond to the complaints within seven working days of the receipt of the complaints.