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Total combined return:
Net Yield +
Capital Growth
* The average annualised return indicator includes all exited projects. Combination of Rental income + benefit from the increase of the value of the property. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

Receive up to 1.5% cashback from all investments you make!

10+ Projects

financed by our investors


invested by users in projects


returned to investors as capital

Why Reinvest24?

Real Estate always was and will be a valuable asset, that is why property investments are considered to be the most secure way of investment. Real Estate investments have high requirements for legal paperwork and steep entrance fees, but we are changing this. Reinvest24 helps you to multiply your investments and grow your portfolio.

Secure Investment

The investment is secured by mortgage held by Collateral Agent in favour of the investors. This makes the process secure and reduces investor’s risks.

Transparent Platform

Our platform is transparent and secure. Find all necessary information about the properties and contact our support team if you need any additional information.

Cash out any time

You can sell your shares any time on the marketplace and money with earned dividends will be paid to your account.


Reinvest profit in new projects, diversify your portfolio and let your capital work for you.

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How It Works?

Below you will find 4 easy steps explaining how to build your portfolio. Invest from any part of the world through our simple and secure online platform.

1. Invest in property

Log into the system and select the property you would like to invest in. Buy shares and start earning from this property.

2. Earn rental income

Your investment is working for you now, while we take care of all operational issues and paperwork.

3. Reinvest your profit

Reinvest earned profit and increase your passive income further.

4. Enjoy the process

Finally enjoy the process of investing into Real Estate without any hustle and stress.

Calculate profit from investment

An investment calculator shows forecast of potential returns.

Start Investing

* Calculations are based on average Net Rental Yield and Property Price Growth