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How It Works?

With Reinvest24 you are able to invest into different types of projects and have overview of them in a very easy way.

How It Works?


Project funded
Money paid to project
Interest payouts
Principal payouts

After a simple registration you will need to identify yourself (KYC) due to AML requirements from a financial regulator.


To start investing you need to make a deposit. You can do this either via bank deposit or via credit card. The deposited money is being held in a separate bank account until the project is funded and then are being released to the project.

Project funding

With the release of the funding amount the final agreements are being signed and security collaterals are being installed.


As the time passes - you will receive payouts according to the project schedule.

Principal payout

Once the project deadline is reached, the project will pay back the principal amount with the outstanding interests to your account in Reinvest24.

Projects funding

The project can come to Reinvest24 platform in different ways. Our team is constantly monitoring the market for projects with good potential or the Borrower can come to us himself.

After that Reinvest24 team performs a thorough due diligence on the borrower or the project and signs preliminary agreements.

Development project
Real estate backed loan
NPL project
Rental project

Projects implemented by Reinvest24 team or the team of our partners. Such projects can be geared, secured with mortgage or secured with additional collateral.

Loan to a 3rd party against 1st rank mortgage with collateral. We perform a thorough due diligence of our partners and projects we are financing.

We buy the non-performing loan secured by a collateral. Usually such loans have a first level mortgage on real-estate propery with LTV upto 60%.

Our purchases the SPV property and rents it out long-term to reputable tenants. Such properties can be renovated or rebuilt before renting them out.


The property is usually owned by our SPV. Interests are being paid from the profit, the project generates. We work only with experienced constructors who have extensive track records.

The LTV (ratio of loan to value) of collateral can vary between 50% to 80% and the length varies from 6 months to 36 months.

The LTV (ratio of funding to the value of collateral) does not exceed 60% and the profit from selling this property is used to pay the interests to investors.

Separate is used for SPV each project to keep properties financially independent from each other.


With this type of real estate projects we are able to provide higher yield and better safety of investment than lending the funds to 3rd parties, especially on established markets in Europe.

We work with few reliable and experienced developers, rather than accepting lots of projects desiring to get funding. It s easy to give money out and a lot harder to get it back. We prefer not to risk our investors money.

This way of investing is quite safe due to low LTV and plenty of "safety room" in the value of the collateral. The implementation of this kind of project takes from 0.5 to 2 years.

Investor receives the same benefits as being a passive landlord who receives monthly payouts from the rental income and also benefits from the property value appreciation, which is paid out when the property is sold.

How much can you earn?

When it comes to investing your money, it s always a good idea to have a long-term plan. Therefore we have created you a tool for calculating and planning your investments and potential earnings - Investment calculator

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