[Repayment date: 30.09.2019] Apartment development in Tallinn´s tech hub

Majaka 54-10, Tallinn, Estonia (Show on map) Apartment

Object overview

The Majaka Majaka 54 - 10 investment property consists of a duplex (two-floor) apartment with an area of 115.8m2, located next to Tallinn’s exciting Ülemiste City tech hub. The apartment building itself is old, and is in need of renovation. However, our apartment number 10 is a new addition to the property. The apartment is divided between the 3rd and 4th floors, which are new constructions on top of the original building.

This apartment is similar to our rental properties in the same building (two short-term rentals) being converted from apartment 13 (94.5m2). Most importantly, apartment 10, which will be for sale, has windows to the opposite side of the building with a balcony overlooking a quiet courtyard. The apartment is currently in shell condition, with little interior finishings, no water pipes or electrical wirings. The building’s facade is also in need of renovation.

Majaka street is becoming a new addition to the city centre, with various new developments being built in the surrounding area. The new T1 Mall of Tallinn is located across the street and it is planned to become the new heart of thecapital, including a one-of-a-kind shopping and entertainment centre. Furthermore, the neighbouring Ülemiste City tech hub is a rapidly developing area, located right next to Tallinn Airport, welcoming international startups and tech companies.

The Majaka/Sikupilli area where our property is located was once considered as the outskirts of Tallinn, but due to the large developments taking place and its proximity to the airport, it is now an organic part of the city centre. This flourishing neighbourhood also has various new schools and kindergartens due to the area’s newfound status as a business and tech district. This makes the apartments highly attractive to both outside investors and residential buyers looking to purchase property in the area.

There are various amenities surrounding the Majaka 54 property, including the Ülemiste and Sikupilli shopping centres, gas stations and public transportation. Our property is conveniently connected to various bus and tram stops, which take you directly to the airport (4 stops away) and the city centre (10 min away). From the Ülemiste train station you can also get the train to Tartu (2 hours away), Estonia’s second largest city and home to the prestigious Tartu University.

Investment case

The property for investment with the address Majaka 54 - 10 Tallinn, Estonia is a duplex shell apartment located in an old apartment building that is in need of modernisation. The investment involves developing the property by finishing its construction, renovating the building’s facade and common areas and eventually selling the apartment for a healthy profit. The apartment is located in a flourishing area, next to the airport and various other new developments, which makes it an attractive investment property as well a residential dwelling.

After purchasing the 115.8m2 (apartment 10) shell apartment, the plan is to finish its constructions and interior finishings. The apartment is currently set up as a blank canvas, which allows us to maximise the layouts and choose quality materials that will increase the apartment’s value.

Once we have finished the construction and renovation of the residential apartment; including all interior finishes, electrical wiring and water piping, we will move on to the building’s facade. As part of the investment, we will cover a proportion of the costs involved with the building’s renovation, together with the other apartments located on the 3rd and 4th floors. We will also purchase any necessary furnishings to attractively stage the apartment and make it ready to sell.

This investment project includes the development of the apartment number 10, followed by putting it for sale on the open market. The sale will be managed by our real estate experts, who are experienced agents in rapid property deals. Our investors can enter the investment and increase the value of their investment via the development stage, earning a good profit from the sale of the property.

Development and sale: Period 9 months

Purchasing the apartment at this stage and investing into finishing the construction of the property, and renovating the building itself will increase the value of the real estate significantly (considering the current market situation). The real estate for sale will include a brand new duplex apartment with a balcony in a developing and strategically good area. Real estate backed investment yield for our investors is 13% per annum.

Funding target: 192940 eur


€192,940.00 Latest Valuation
€0.10 Latest Share Valuation


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