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Complex of land plots in Kakumäe

Silgu 36, Tallinn, Eesti (Show on map)Land

Object overview

  • Category - Development loan
  • Total yield - 12%
  • Payment frequency - Monthly interest payments 
  • Collateral - 1st rank mortgage in amount of 250 000 EUR
  • Duration - 18 months 
  • Country - Estonia
  • LTV - 50%

The investment will be secured with 1st rank joint mortgage on two land plots owned by the developer: Silgu 36 and Silgu 36a, Tallinn - expert opinion from 2018 values them at 281 000 EUR as they are and with the approved detail planning at 494 000 EUR.

The investment opportunity is a complex of land plots located in the high-end residential area in Tallinn, next to a popular beach - Kakumäe. The purpose of the funding is to purchase the third land plot in the location where the developer already owns two land plots, with an address: Silgu 36 and Silgu 36a.

All three land plots stand next to each other:
Silgu 36, 100% residential land - total area of 4136m2
Silgu 36a, 100% residential land - total area of 568m2
Otsatalu 16, 100% unassigned land - total area of 2708m2

After purchasing the third land plot, the developer will create detail plannings for all of them, together with communication and infrastructure. The land plots will be divided and prepared for construction of four private residential buildings. The land plot with an address Otsatalu 16 is strategically important, as it will provide driveway access to two of the planned premises. The other two premises will have access from Silgu street.

The Kakumäe area is a highly demanded and reputable living environment, which is characterized by the proximity of the beach and developed infrastructure. The area is well known for its luxurious villa type houses and big private gardens. This high-end suburban is considered as one of the wealthiest areas in Estonia. Our complex is located on a quiet side street away from noisy highways and densely populated areas. It is a quiet and green area in nature, but at the same time, the amenities of the city are not too far away. Tallinn city center is a 15-minute drive away.

Safety guaranteed

This object has passed Reinvest24 risks assessment and is secured by Collateral Agent mortgage.

Funding Target€125,000
34% funded€82,377 available
Internal Rate of Return12.00%
Return On Investment18.00%

Min. amount of investment - €100