Complex of wooden houses

Raua 59, Tallinn, Estonia (Show on map) House

Object overview

Raua 59/61 complex of wooden houses were successfully sold out to developer company in 2017 and our investors got fully funding with total Net Yield of 15.1% with the investment horizon of 10 months. 

Money was paid out to investors together with the profit and Reinvest24 exited this object.

Investment case


€1,230,500 Latest Valuation
€0.10 Latest Share Valuation
Latest Property Value €1,230,000
Amortised Purchase Costs €500
Latest Valuation €1,230,500

Safety guaranteed

This object has passed Reinvest24 test and secured by Collateral Agent mortgage.

Object price €1,230,500
100% funded
Net Rental Yield 15.10%
Gross Rental Yield 19.39%