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Interchem 2 business loan - 1. stage

Teaduspargi 8, Tallinn, Estonia (Show on map)Business

Object overview

  • Category - Business Loan (Bullet)
  • Annual interest - 16% (+2% over 15 000 claim units)
  • Payment frequency - Monthly interest payments
  • Collateral - 100% Company shares + Owners personal guarantee
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Country: Estonia
  • Company share capital: 500 000 EUR
  • Company revenue 2021: 4.4m EUR
  • Company revenue 1-5.2022: 2.2m EUR

The first Interchem business loan project became a successful collaboration and win-win combination for our investors and the borrowing company. Read more about it from Success story: The first business loan is exited, earning an 18% p.a.

The company Interchem Distribution Europe OÜ is trading with composite materials, tars, ceracast, chemical additives and is manufacturing smart alcometers under the Semvice brand.

Over the years the company has developed a wide range of destinations in the supply chain of chemical products. It has a client base of over 200 B2B customers, some of which are very well known names in the industry as OOO Intrey, OOO Akustika, OOO Zavod Tehnofleks, OOO Shinglass. Its main markets are Eastern Europe and Russia.

The HQ of the company and its employees are located in Estonia, Tallinn, but it also has a warehouse in Latvia and a representative company in Russia whose main purpose is distribution of the chemical components, materials and ceracast provided by Interchem Distribution Europe OÜ.

This year the amount of products for distribution has increased with the demand and the company is in need of additional capital to be able to service the incoming requests, thus expanding its footprint on the market.

Safety guaranteed

This object has passed Reinvest24 risks assessment and is secured by Collateral Agent mortgage.